Three Questions

I’ve just posted the following three questions on Susan Russell’s blog in response to this blog post. The the uninitiated Susan Russell is one of the head honchos of Integrity. The more astute of you will notice a link to an exercise I engaged in a day or two ago:

Three quick questions Susan:

i) Is Jesus 100% divine and 100% human, now and for all eternity unchanged in that hypostatic union, in a way that no other human being could ever ever be?

ii) Is Jesus the only way to the Father, in that it is necessary to have personal faith in HIS saving power in order to dwell with the Father in eternity?

iii) Was Jesus’ defeat of sin and sin’s power demonstrated by an unequivocal physical resurrection from the grave of the exact same body that was crucified days earlier?

If you can’t answer “yes” to those three questions then you demonstrate why schism will happen. I challenge you to permit this comment onto your blog and then to answer all three questions.

I’m hoping that Susan has the gumption to permit the comment AND to answer the questions.

Schism in the church is NOT about denying the gospel of truth and reconciliation. It is about affirming the Gospel of truth and reconciliation in the face of those who choose to reject truth and deny the need for sinners to repent and be reconciled to the Lord of the Universe, Jesus Christ.

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