If you’re going to debate doctrine, then debate doctrine

I’ve spent a part of yesterday and today listening online to the Canadian Anglican Synod debate same-sex blessings. The debate so far has been on the following motion which passed (amended, but not substantially) an hour or so ago. What struck me, just as the debate finished, is how off-topic all the speeches were. Here’s the original motion:

BE IT RESOLVED: That this General Synod resolves that the blessing of same-sex unions is consistent with the core doctrine of The Anglican Church of Canada.

Nice and simple. So why did none of the speakers address the motion? You see, I heard and watched hordes of people argue that this was a justice issue, that the Spirit was moving in North America etc, but none of those who supported the motion explained in any way HOW same-sex blessings were consistent with the core doctrine of the ACC. Indeed, the motion was amended to as follows:

That this General Synod resolves that the blessing of same-sex unions is consistent with the core doctrine (in the sense of being creedal) of The Anglican Church of Canada.

However, even when that amendment passed, no speaker afterwards even began to approach whether the Christology / Anthropology of the creeds were affected by Same-sex blessings. In short, nobody debated the words of the motion.

I’ve written before how same-sex blessings affect creedal issues. Whether you support same-sex blessings as a “moral optimum” for those who have same-sex attraction, or whether you believe that active same-sex unions are holy, the fact is that our sexual and emotional relationships speak deeply of Christ, who he is and what he has done. But did anybody in Synod address these issues of doctrine? Did they heck.

In under an hour’s time the Synod will return to debate and then vote on this next motion. Any bets whether they’ll actually do any theology this time? Don’t hold your breath…

Update : The Binkster has just posted this wonderful video with the subtitle, “The new Church Anthem of the Canadian Anglican Church”

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  • Sinner

    Peter – I completely agree. In fact, this is the more important of the two votes. The resolutionis heretical, pagan, and marking the departure from Christ of the Canadian “church”.

    it doesn’t matter what they decide tomorrow, next week, or next year. Even if they could decide not to bless bugger tomorrow (and we know they will not) there is now no basis to enact discipline against clergy who provide SSBs. In spite of how most people seem to be interpreting it, this resolution really adds same sexual relations to the creed of the Canadian Church!

    The global south should not wait: they should permanently and finally excommunicate Canada now, and annouce new bishops for the canadian dioceses of the North American province; deal with Mexico too — and send out the invitations to Lagos 2008!

  • Sinner

    Stupid double negative:
    decide not to bless bugger tomorrow (and we know they will not)

    We know they *will* bless them tomorrow

    And yes, peter, the GS should go ahead and fix Australia and the UK (along the lines of the CoE Covenant) as soon as possible too! Why wait one day longer!

  • Alex

    This is the death of the Anglican church. All the high control groups that show up at the front doors like the Jehovah’s Witness can now show how the church does not represent God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. Once they have done this then they can start to process of indoctrinating weird 120 year old Watchtower teachings. Some may even end up dead after they refuse blood for medical reasons.
    I can not believe what my church has done. Will this be my church next week? I am not sure.