Did Rowan Williams just undermine Lambeth ’98 1:10?

In amongst the report from Ruth G of the launch for this summer’s Lambeth Conference was this little line:

It became clear that the Windsor Report is standard, but that Lambeth will be a consultation and communication exercise of such a standing that it won’t really affect anything if a quarter of the Church’s bishops do not show up.  As the conference is not a legislative or quorate body, he said, if a sbustantial number of people are absent ‘it is not the end of the world.’ No schism, he said. ‘Sorry!’

Call me naivé, but if Lambeth isn’t in any sense a legislative body then what force does ’98 1:10 have? Has Rowan Williams just inadvertently signalled that ’98 1:10 has no grounds to be used as a ground to discipline TEC (and others)?

Answers on a postcard to "Confused of East Herts…"

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