Only Seven Days to Go…

And as a bonus, the BBC have put together some awesome idents!

Thank you Auntie!!

Considering Ladele

Right – I’m trying to get my head around the Ladele appeal ruling which can be found here. Before I begin, I think I should point out that I consider myself to be quite fair in these matters and I hope you don’t interpret this as just jumping on the “Oh aren’t Christians now all . . . → Read More: Considering Ladele


Would love to be able to find some time to write about one or two things, but it’s a busy week. I’ll try and squeeze something in later on today on the Ladele case. Just to say, has anybody considered the fact that given that she has been moved to a job registering births and . . . → Read More: Blogging

Rick Warren on Uganda

In case you missed it, this is Warren’s excellent contribution to the Uganda debate. Everything that needed to be said (and, though he’s not an Anglican, utterly Lambeth ’98 1:10 compliant)

Behold the Twurch

It is finally unleashed!!!!

Mouse currently follows around 70 people in this Twitter stream, including one Archbishop (John Sentamu) and nine bishops (Alan Wilson, David Hamid, David Rossdale, David Tomson, Lee Rayfield, Mike Hill, Nick Baines, Pete Broadbent and Steven Croft). Mouse provides his readers with an occasional top 10 tweeters in the Twurch, based . . . → Read More: Behold the Twurch

Christmas Carols

Sang my first Christmas Carols this year at the Tuesday Lunches Christmas Meal, the last ever outing of our lunch club that has been going for over two decades. Although our first offering completely failed the Nick Baines orthodoxy test, once we had got past Away in a Manger and its completely unrealistic, “but little . . . → Read More: Christmas Carols

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