Alter Christus?

Here’s a brilliant video (courtesy of Jeff) which looks at the priesthood from the perspective of the Roman Catholic Church.

There are various views of ordination and ministry that exist in the Church of England. Some evangelicals tend more towards a functional view of ordination, that ordination recognises and permits ministry. Most . . . → Read More: Alter Christus?

The State We’re In

Some profound wisdom this morning from Vic.


Once upon a time there were some pointyheads (aka bishops) who realised that less people were coming to their churches and playing with them and God. They looked at the falling numbers of those who came to their CofE churches and started asking people what they didn’t . . . → Read More: The State We’re In

Blessing Civil Partnerships in Church

A letter today in the Times has reignited the debate over whether Civil Partnership ceremonies should take place within religious establishments. Lord Alli is going to move again his amendment next month in the Lords, and the authors of the letter take the opportunity to lay out their case.


The Civil Partnership Act 2004 . . . → Read More: Blessing Civil Partnerships in Church

A Moment of Pure Geekdom

This is just beautiful. No other words to describe it. Technology at its best.

Stop the Front Page!

Apparently a world renowned theologian and anthropologist has made a stunningly critical Christological statement full of insight and wisdom which we all now need to incorporate into our defunct pardigms.

In other news, I (who have never owned or cared for a pet in my life) have decided to set up a dog training academy, . . . → Read More: Stop the Front Page!

A Thought As We Begin Lent

“Remember, O man, that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return”

H/T Cranmer

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Do you seek any further reward beyond that of having pleased God? In truth, you know not how great a good it is to please Him
St John Chrysostom


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