The Hobbit

A year away and already I’m getting excited.

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  • Cerebusboy

      Now *here’s* a blog post I can give a hearty “Amen” too! ;-)
     Looks splendid. 

  • Tom Jones

    Yes, AND it is being filmed in 3D too! Couldn’t actually hear the clip because my computer is ill and will only start in Safe Mode (sans sound).

  • Cerebusboy

     Here’s a good trailer breakdown:

    (and Bleeding Cool is highly recommended – they often get Doctor Who, comic, movie etc stories long before anyone else! They broke the recent twitter-trending news about Watchmen 2, for example) 

  • Daryle

    Yes, it looks very good!
    Two misgivings though, based on this peek:
    i) methinks Thorin Oakenshield should be a much older ‘father’ of the Dwarves
    ii) probably nothing, but must Galadriel be twisting Gandalf’s hair? Perhaps an intimacy from her knowledge of Olorin, Elsewhere?