Sobering Reading on Changing Attitude's Blog

Now, as most of you know, this site is not the biggest fan of Changing Attitude, especially Colin Coward’s ongoing attempt to insinuate and allude to the gay bishops he claims already exist in the Church of England. However, let’s put that aside for a moment because Keith Sharpe, Chair of Changing Attitude Sussex, has . . . → Read More: Sobering Reading on Changing Attitude’s Blog

Osborne Report Published

Back in the 80s, before the publication of “Issues”, the Church of England commissioned a report on homosexuality. The so-called “Osborne Report” (named as such because it’s chair was the Rev June Osborne) was never formally published back then, but has now been released by the CofE. You can download it here or read below.

. . . → Read More: Osborne Report Published

Harry Potter Variations

Truly wonderful.

Jerome Taylor on the Jeffrey John Story

An interesting piece in today’s Independent which includes a story that lots of us knew about but no-one had published till today.

The Church long ago decided there was essentially nothing to stop a gay man who lived a life of celibacy from becoming a bishop. Even within the orthodox wings there was acceptance it . . . → Read More: Jerome Taylor on the Jeffrey John Story

Jeffrey John to Sue the Church?

This originally in the Sunday Times (behind a pay-wall) and now in the Mail on Sunday.

A controversial gay dean has threatened to take the Church of  England to court after he was blocked from becoming a bishop.

The Very Rev Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans, has instructed an eminent employment lawyer to complain . . . → Read More: Jeffrey John to Sue the Church?

Core Issues Media Statement

Just Released.

The Core Issues Trust conference to be held in Belfast on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 January 2012 will explore the role of evangelical and orthodox churches in supporting men and women with unwanted same sex attractions. The event focuses primarily on issues around practical theology rather than psychotherapy.

Dr . . . → Read More: Core Issues Media Statement

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