Sexual Healing

Mike Davidson in the Sunday Telegraph

A great interview with Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust in today’s Sunday Telegraph.

“I don’t want to be outrageous,” says Dr Mike Davidson softly – but it is hard to believe him. The 57-year-old Christian counsellor and campaigner has upset a lot of people lately, with his claims that homosexuals can become straight if . . . → Read More: Mike Davidson in the Sunday Telegraph

The Letter in the Times – A Bit of a Damp Squib

Really, are we all getting excited over this?


A number of recent statements by church leaders past and present may have given the mistaken impression that the Church is universally opposed to the extension of civil marriage to same-sex couples. We believe that does not adequately reflect the range of opinion which exists within . . . → Read More: The Letter in the Times – A Bit of a Damp Squib

Neil Addison on Marriage and European Law

Really interesting opinion lining up with what the Church of England is saying.

What the Government assurance is ignoring is the fact that, in law, there is no difference between “Civil” as opposed to “Religious” marriage both are in law the same thing and merely take place in different premises. Therefore on the basis of . . . → Read More: Neil Addison on Marriage and European Law

Mark Yarhouse on the Spitzer Retraction

Interesting Stuff.

People  are asking me about Robert Spitzer’s reported desire to retract his study of 200 people who claimed to have experience change of their sexual orientation. It is unclear what people want me to say. When I first read his reported exchange with Gabriel Arana, I reflected on what I know about retracting studies. . . . → Read More: Mark Yarhouse on the Spitzer Retraction

Post-Gay FAQs

I’ve had SO many conversations over the past few days (can’t imagine why) about “post-gay” that I’ve decided to do a FAQ. Here are some questions with answers. If you can think of other sensible questions, please add them in the comments below.

What is Post-Gay?

Post-gay is a perspective whereby someone with same-sex attraction . . . → Read More: Post-Gay FAQs

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Man never achieves a clear knowledge of himself unless he has first looked upon God's face, and then descends from contemplating Him to scrutinize himself.
Jean Calvin


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