As I get back into the flow of working (a bit) for a church here in Canterbury (SMB as it happens), I’ve started preaching again. Here’s an offering from the start of the month.

Apparently I was paid the greatest compliment by one of the students who, and I quote, “Didn’t pick up . . . → Read More: Holiness

Making Sense of Making Sense of Sex

Adrian Thatcher’s new book in SPCK’s “Modern Church” series, Making Sense of Sex is a masterpiece of liberal theology which relies upon dictating the basis of theological truth to derive its outcome of validating sexual relationships traditionally condemned by orthodox Christianity. This is no bad thing – after all, it’s not as if Thatcher is . . . → Read More: Making Sense of Making Sense of Sex

The Regenerus “Gay Parenting” Study

I’m starting to get into the habit of leaving big blogging subjects alone for a week or so, partly so I can reflect on what I want to write and partly just because I don’t have the time these days to do decent blogging every day. However, given that some of the dust has now . . . → Read More: The Regenerus “Gay Parenting” Study

This Week's Music

. . . → Read More: This Week’s Music

Travails at Wycliffe Hall

Those who follow my video reports on Anglican TV will know that I have reported on the removal of Richard Turnbull as Principal over the past few weeks. I thought it would be useful to lay out for those who weren’t aware of the underlying events the key factors in why Turnbull was eventually pushed . . . → Read More: Travails at Wycliffe Hall

The CofE's Official Response to Gay Marriage

It’s out and it’s brilliant.

Download (PDF, 321KB)

Lots of media reports this morning.

Independent – Gay marriage is one of worst threats in 500 years, says Church of England Telegraph – Gay marriage raises prospect of disestablishment Guardian – Anglicans threaten rift with government over gay marriage BBC – Church of England warning on . . . → Read More: The CofE’s Official Response to Gay Marriage

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They gave our Master a crown of thorns. Why do we hope for a crown of roses?
Martin Luther


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