As I get back into the flow of working (a bit) for a church here in Canterbury (SMB as it happens), I’ve started preaching again. Here’s an offering from the start of the month.


Apparently I was paid the greatest compliment by one of the students who, and I quote, “Didn’t pick up her phone, text with it or generally fiddle around like she normally does, for the whole 50 minutes”. I think that’s good…

Here are the slides to go with the sermon.

[gview file=”https://www.peter-ould.net/wp-content/uploads/120603-Sermon-on-Holiness.ppt”]

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  • Revd_Dave

    Glad you’re back into parish ministry. RevDave

    • Kind of. I’m still working for the risk consultancy but doing bits and bobs for the church we belong to.

  • cerebusboy

    “can’t leave Rap alone, the game needs me” ? ;)

    • Huh?

      • cerebusboy


        Playfully querying whether, given that this blog and opportunities that arrive from it are surely a form of ‘witness’ or ‘mission’ or ‘outreach’ or whathaveyou, you feel that ‘proper’ C of E ministry needs you more than you need it these days…

        • Aaaahhh. Why don’t you ask a few bishops and see what they say.

    • By the way, did you listen to the sermon?