Summer Speculation – Wycliffe Hall

Right folks, let’s chew the cud together.

After the departure of Richard Turnbull, Wycliffe Hall will shortly advertise for a new Principal. Any sensible suggestions? I have one idea but I want to hear your suggestions first, both for what is needed and who a good candidate might be.

Take it away…

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  • Steven Bradshaw

    It’s a pity this isn’t happening three years hence. The best Anglican episcopette and theologienne EVER will be looking for a job round about then…

    • *Serious* answers Steven. *Serious*.

    • nowconcerned

      Who’s that?

  • Eaglet2

    You need to call for George……..

    • Revd_Dave

      Err, I did hear that David Wenham is moving back to Oxford this summer….
      Would make a good team with Simon as his vice Principal, I think.

      Then they need to get in a heavy-weight woman Evangelical theologian!

  • Mike Print

    How about trying to tempt Gerald Bray to cross the pond?

  • Graham Smith

    Please, Lord, let it be a woman. Preferably a woman from North America who’s been consecrated as a bishop.

    • Mike Print

      The one thing guaranteed to upset the entire Hall!

      • Steven Bradshaw

        Well that’s two votes for KJS then. And the idea of a college full of reactionary Anglicans getting upset shouldn’t be all that shocking. It’s what they live for, isn’t it?

        • Where’s Ryan when you need him?

          • nowconcerned

            Did anybody see my friend Philippa on 4thought tv talking about women bishops?

          • Ryan Dunne

            You rang? ;) Actually, universities depressingly having capitulated to the logic of being businesses for customers, and given the size of the evangelical market, you could legitimately seek to appoint someone who provides that kind of thing (as long as they’re obviously not into things like creationism which obviously no real university takes seriously, and which even primary school teachers aren’t meant to be allowed to get away with) . Or how about just picking the candidate who’ll offend the least amount of people, Bishop-style? ;-)

            Although, much as I enjoy gossip, I feel this blog post is a tad parochial for this blog’s global readership. Where’s the posts on The Dark Knight Rises, or Scotland, as was announced today, moving forward with Same-Sex marriage legalisation?

        • Revd_Dave

          I’d prefer to see some good conservative Evangelical Christians in charge – especially in colleges like Cuddesdon and Westcott.

    • Revd_Dave

      No desire to impose liberal views on non-liberals then! :-)