Month: September 2012

Close of the Day

I want to round off the day with this new piece by Tom Read. He turns what is a rather pagan and nonsensical poem into a beautiful hymn about our hope in Christ, just by changing a few words. After

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Three Years

The trumpet sounds And the dead will then be raised By His power, Never to perish again. Once only flesh, Now clothed with immortality, Death has now been Swallowed up in victory

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Breaking – What’s going on with the CNC?

Update : 1700 UK Saturday 29th September I’ve spoken at length this afternoon with Arun Arora (the Church of England Director of Communications) and it’s clear that what he was trying to communicate through various parties yesterday was not a confirmation

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Whisper it…

From the Church of England Newspaper’s Whispering Gallery All publicity is good publicity eh?

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Exclusive – It’s not Chartres

Am being told by a very reliable source that the CNC have NOT chosen Richard Chartres. I will eat my hat if he ends up getting Augustine’s Throne.

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DJ Ötzi

Why? Because I felt like it… More where that came from if you want. Just ask!

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