Same-Sex Marriage and Clergy

Gay Marriage Simpsons Style!Here’s the big unanswered question for the House of Bishops – will they permit clergy to enter same-sex marriages?

As was pointed out in a comment on yesterday’s post, the new law seems to suggest that the Church of England can if it so chooses decide that clergy may not enter same-sex marriages. As one member of the House of Bishops pointed out to me, the Church of England is very clearly opposed to even civil same-sex marriage so the idea of clergy entering into them is a non-starter.

Or is it? The real issue is whether the House of Bishops would agree to bring a charge under the Clergy Discipline Measure against any deacon or priest who entered a same-sex marriage. If they won’t, then the game is over because any such clergy-person could act in a manner completely contrary to the teaching of the Church of England with impunity. That would make the official position meaningless.

Over to the lawyers then…

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