Ballot BoxIt’s County Council Election time in the the UK folks!

Me : What is your candidate’s view on same sex marriage?
Canvasser : We believe any two people who love each other should be able to marry
M: So you support a father and daughter marrying?
C: No, that’s incest and there are genetic issues
M: OK, so father and son or sister and sister is OK?
C: Well I hadn’t thought about it… 
M: You see I believe that marriage is a unique normatively procreative union
C: Well marriage shouldn’t be just about who can and can’t have children
M: So why were you bothered about the genetics of incest?
C: Well it’s about people who love each other
M: Oh, so you support polygamous marriage then?
C: No, of course not
M: But a moment ago you said you thought people in love should be able to marry. Why are you now picking and choosing who you restrict that to?
C: Will you be voting for our candidate? 
M: Do you think people who want to restrict marriage to a man and a woman are being discriminatory?
C: Well to be honest, yes
M: So let me get this straight. You think I’m wrong to restrict marriage to a particular relationship, but when you say marriage should be about people who love each other you then find a huge number of reasons to deny it to all kinds of different people because you don’t like their relationships?
C: Will you be voting for our candidate? 
M: What do you think?

And I won’t even tell you the look on her face when she told me I didn’t know what it was like to be gay and I answered her…

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