A Prayer to be used at Compline on the Evening of the 23rd of November 2013

Dear God,
thank you.

P.S. Lord, anytime you want to explain the Tom Baker bit, feel free…


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  • Wolf Paul

    That seems a bit unspecific — I was always taught that we should be specific in our prayers …

    And I am puzzled by the fact that the Facebook link to this post has an ultrasound picture with it …

  • Phil Taylor

    Not so sure I’d say thank you for this. As you say, the Tom Baker bit was just plain confusing, as the 4th Doctor dies with brown curls, not short, white hair, but the whole thing came across as a huge slap on the back for the fact that it is still going after 50 years, rather than celebrating it with a great story.
    I am still left very disappointed for the fact that so much was promised and yet so little delivered. I can only hope that they fix this with the Christmas special…



The golden rule for understanding in spiritual matters is not intellect, but obedience
Oswald Chambers


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