Reno erat Rudolphus

Absolutely Genius.

Reno Erat Rudolphus

Biretta Tip to Kelvin

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  • Guglielmo Marinaro

    LOL. Excellent. Now perhaps someone would like to compose a similar Gregorian motet for “Sanctus Nicholas in oppidum venit”.

    • jamesmbmclaren

      No…but there was a time when I could do it in command line Unix…

      • And the Geek of the Week award goes to…

  • Guglielmo Marinaro

    Perhaps I’m slow on the uptake, but I’ve now noticed that the Latin words also fit the original tune of “Rudolph”, which I think is wonderful, although the rhythm of the tune means displacing the stress on some of the words. But then Handel sometimes ran into the same problem, e.g. “have se-en A great light.”