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Rise Like a Phoenix

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Austrian Election - Review

So, a quick review of my predictions (with all votes in and only postal ballots left to be counted).

As I mentioned below, it was hard to predict the final outcome as no polls were published in the last week. However, I used my usual methodology and it wasn’t too bad at all.

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Austria Election Prediction - Final

The main difficulty in predicting the Austrian Election is that there are practically no polls in the final week. This means a projection of trends has to be inferred with no real data to identify whether the trends have continued in the last week.

Well let’s have a go anyway. The model is built assuming . . . → Read More: Austria Election Prediction – Final

This Week's Music

Haven’t done this for ages, but here’s the music I’ve been listening to this week.

Peter Fox is particularly cool. He had a small stroke in his 20s which left him with a limp and with a characteristic loss of muscle strength in his right cheek.

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A Thing of Beauty

Most days at work I listen to the Austrian radio station Ö3 (the joys of having unlimited data on my phone). It’s one of the most successful radio stations in all of Europe, reaching approximately a third of all Austrians every single day. That is a truly remarkable feat, equivalent to a radio station here in . . . → Read More: A Thing of Beauty

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