An Adventure in Space and Time

Before there was Doctor Who, there was creating Doctor Who.

I was lost but now I’m found

No, not a sermon on coins or sheep, but the utterly awesome news that some lost Doctor Who episodes have been found and are going to be released this week.

In what looks set to be the best 50th birthday present fans could imagine, missing episodes of Doctor Who will be made available for sale to the public . . . → Read More: I was lost but now I’m found



A Tractator A Tractarian

Yes, I can see how some of you might have got them muddled up…

Anglican Doctor Who fans will find this hilarious. My apologies to everyone else…

. . . → Read More: Confusion


That thing you we’re going to phone me up and chat about this evening? Not going to happen.

And Relax…

It’s Friday. The weekend is about to begin. You need to switch off from work and prepare for a calm, peaceful weekend…

This will help.

Season Finale


Cannot wait.


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