Redefining Marriage

It has become apparent to me over the past few days engaging with people on social media on the issue of same-sex marriage that the over-whelming majority of the proponents of the current moves to change the legal definition of marriage have absolutely no idea *why* they are asking for this change. What I mean . . . → Read More: Redefining Marriage

The Salisbury Convention

Have you heard of the Salisbury Convention / Doctrine?

The Salisbury Doctrine, or “Convention” as it is sometimes called, emerged from the working arrangements reached during the Labour Government of 1945-51, when the fifth Marquess of Salisbury was the Leader of the Conservative Opposition in the Lords. The Convention ensures that major Government Bills can . . . → Read More: The Salisbury Convention

The Moment that Sums it All Up

There was a glorious moment in this afternoon’s Committee evidence gathering session in Portcullis House for the Same Sex Marriage Bill which completely summed up the whole problem with the conversation the nation is blatantly failing to have on this issue.

Professor Julian Rivers, a law academic from Bristol was explaining carefully and with deliberate . . . → Read More: The Moment that Sums it All Up

Same-Sex Marriage Bill - Committee Stage

You can watch it live on the Parliament Website.

The Bill website has up-to-date details and will include amendments as they are proposed.

Update – The afternoon stream (12th February) is here

Gay Marriage – ComRes Polls

This weekend ComRes published a whole raft of polls on the Gay Marriage issue. There are polls on general party support, ethnic minorities, general public opinion, teachers and sexual orientation minorities.

Some observations.

The LGB survey is fascinating simply on the male / female splits. Twice as many men as women identify as LGB and . . . → Read More: Gay Marriage – ComRes Polls

Same-Sex Marriage and Clergy

Here’s the big unanswered question for the House of Bishops – will they permit clergy to enter same-sex marriages?

As was pointed out in a comment on yesterday’s post, the new law seems to suggest that the Church of England can if it so chooses decide that clergy may not enter same-sex marriages. As one member of . . . → Read More: Same-Sex Marriage and Clergy

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