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Just a stroke, so tenderly embraced and then laid, strowed, under foot, under hoof, a carpet and canopy for an entering King. How easy to rip from the bough an instrument of worship. Just a stroke, so fiercely stretched and

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This poem concludes a trilogy of poems over the last three Christmases. For 2009 and 2010 see Myrrh and Frankincense. —– All I have wanted for two years and three months is treasure; Not wrapped and buried in a chest under

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Heirs of Spinoza

A day late. Forgive me. Heirs of Spinoza Oh “good” ones, who accept their optimal substance (uncompleted) as a portion of that greater substance; if blessedness can only come from elevation to a higher status, some day ism who, I

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Last year we had Myrrh, this year Frankincense. — How sweet the smell rising to the heavens. A priest at work Offering thanks and sacrifice. Round the altar a choir with ten thousand wings and countless mouths sings Hallelujah; Hallelujah

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I I have at home a Moses basket that lies empty, for the child that should have inhabited it is spread on the wind; ashes to ashes dust to Hertfordshire dust along the Lea Valley. Once he had a home a tight,

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New Year Haiku

A fresh day But winter remains Still I mourn

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