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Just a stroke, so tenderly embraced and then laid, strowed, under foot, under hoof, a carpet and canopy for an entering King. How easy to rip from the bough an instrument of worship. Just a stroke, so fiercely stretched and

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Tim Rice, Master Evangelist?

We opened Holy Week with Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice’s Palm Sunday pieces. Now on Good Friday it’s worth returning again to how the pair present the crucifixion and questions around it. If you stop and listen to the questions

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Palm Sunday 2010

Here’s my Sermon preached this morning on Jesus cleansing the Temple. [audio: https://www.peter-ould.net/wp-content/uploads/sermons/2010_03_28_1100_Peter_Ould_PalmSunday_24bit.mp3] You might also appreciate this morning’s Sunday Worship on Radio 4 which came from St Mary’s, Lowe House Roman Catholic church in St Helens. Great worship, great

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