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What’s Going to Happen at Synod over Women Bishops?

One of the joys of being a Church of England Priest who works full-time as a statistician (only because no Bishop has been bold enough to give me a job – you know where I am) is that I can

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This Week

This week my work takes me away from home for four days, so little time to blog around what is likely to be a rather interesting session of General Synod. However, in other news I signed a contract this weekend

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Win a Free Copy of Bibleworks 8

All you need to do is enter a competition. It’s a doozy!! What is the major prize? I’m pleased to announce that Cal.vini.st has procured two copies of BibleWorks 8 as prizes — the premier software tool for original language

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Three weeks old

Reuben is doing well, still not sleeping when we put him down (surprise, surprise!!), but is thriving in all other senses! Here’s some pictures of the growing boy – farting and burping like all other men: PS No prizes for

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