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This Week’s Music

Haven’t done this for ages, but here’s the music I’ve been listening to this week. Peter Fox is particularly cool. He had a small stroke in his 20s which left him with a limp and with a characteristic loss of

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VOR Panel

I was recently involved in a panel discussion talking about gay bishops on Voice of Russia Radio. Listen below! [audio:http://m.ruvr.ru/download/data/2013/01/10/1335241823/BISHOP%2520DISCO%2520TX.mp3]

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This Week’s Music

Following on from the previous post on the subject, here’s the music I’ve been listening to on the radio for the past week or two. Enjoy! and my two favourites…

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Critic Radio!

My latest project. Enjoy! Episode One and the boys discuss the four points of the New Calvinist Movement as outlined by Mark Driscoll at the Resurgence conference in February 2011. There’s also a tribute at the end of the programme

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Irgendwo, Irgendwie, Irgendwann

Back from Austria and regretting the fact I live in Britain and miss out on all the best Euro-pop. This summer, the radio in the car was full of this (from 2003 but being played constantly at the moment in

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More on Hillsborough

If you haven’t seen it yet, you must read Alastair Cutting’s amazing personal story of his Hillsborough experience. So, back to the house quickly to find some of my spare ‘clergy shirts’ (with dog-collars). Pam was swamped in hers; broad-chested

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