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Review – The Healing Word

It’s an average book of short sermons. That pretty much sums up my impression of this book of collected preachings of Barbara Brown Taylor, The Healing Word. They are divided into themes like healing and promises. but it’s pretty obvious

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Funding the Work

In response to a comment in a previous thread, I want to repost part of a piece I wrote two years ago in response to the Martin Dudley affair in London. We are rapidly approaching the point where the traditional

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Palm Sunday 2010

Here’s my Sermon preached this morning on Jesus cleansing the Temple. [audio: https://www.peter-ould.net/wp-content/uploads/sermons/2010_03_28_1100_Peter_Ould_PalmSunday_24bit.mp3] You might also appreciate this morning’s Sunday Worship on Radio 4 which came from St Mary’s, Lowe House Roman Catholic church in St Helens. Great worship, great

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God of the Word

This is the sermon I preached this Sunday. For those who have been following our recent family news, I talk about how Scripture helped us make the decisions we made.

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Encounters with God

Here at Christ Church we started a new sermon series after Easter looking at Biblical encounters with God and exploring what we can learn from them. Here’s the one I preached this morning on Elijah, and one from a fortnight

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Updated Sermons Page

My preaching page on this blog has been updated, with a new look which allows you to sort through my sermons and find the stuff that appeals most to you. Pop over there and tell me what you think. I’m

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