Kenneth Kearon – Shame on You

Guess who’s ultimately responsible for the Anglican Communion Website? That’s right, Kenneth Kearon who is the Secretary General.

Perhaps he’d like to explain why, as BabyBlue helpfully points out, Bishop John David Schofield of San Joaquin is listed on his site as "inhibited" but Bishop Carles Bennison Jr of Pennsylvania isn’t? Just to remind you dear readers, Schofield was inhibited because he dared, with the rest of his Diocese, to move to the Province of the Southern Cone. This is of course wickedly evil. Bennison on the other hand was inhibited for only effectively covering up his brother’s sexual abuse of a minor.

Just as a point of note, Schofield could be called "conservative" and Bennison "liberal", but of course that couldn’t possibly be the reason could it Kenneth? Kenneth? Are you listening Canon Ken? Ken?

By the way Ken – only Bishops wear pectoral crosses…

Update 13:45 GMT, 1st Feb – Oh looky, Bennison’s now inhibited!!! Shame we had to point it out in the first place isn’t it?

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