Facebook Passion

Words fail me as to how cool this is. Click here to enjoy.

Update – Can I just point out to those who think that I made this, I didn’t. It’s doing the rounds on the web at the moment, I just uploaded it onto the site to let you share the joy. I wish I’d made it, and I wish I’d also been smart enough to do this as well.

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  • Robert Simpson


    Now we know why you’ve been so quiet recently.

    PS Is sketchy the new dodgy? Have I been missing out on the newest slang or is it an east Herts. peculiarity?

  • Peter, this is completely fabulous! Thanks so much for a fresh take on Holy Week… And all best at this amazing time of year.

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  • Oh goodness – Made me chuckle and then think seriously…. Very good

  • Very good. Just a couple of missed “Jesus has changed his profile picture” opportunities (e.g. Emmaus), but really very good.

  • Kennedy Fraser

    I saw this on GadgetVicar’s blog.

    Really, really good. Thanks for taking the time to do it.


  • Great! Well apart from the time sequence being backwards (or rather incorrectly forwards if you see what I mean)

  • Do you know where it came from?

    • Sadly not, as we need to give major props to the author

  • Hey! I just thought I would “out” myself and my co-author on this piece. I am Nate and the co-author is Sharon. I am a college minister and she is a seminarian. Our facebook profile links are hidden in the pdf, as well as links to my blog.

    Our intention in the Facebook Passion is three fold:

    (a) To express all the funny stuff we have thought about regarding the Passion, but were afraid to talk about;

    (b) For those who may be “bored” or “jaded” with the Passion story to look at it in a new way, and thus to think about it again from a different angle;

    (c) As a subversive form of evangelism. There are people who may read that who would never read the actual Biblical narratives. And the mockery of Bart Ehrman is a ploy to show how that kind of Enlightenment-Empirical reading of the text just misses the point entirely…

  • And by the way… On behalf of both of us, thanks for all the kind comments “across the pond”.