Ask Peter – Part Three

If you keep asking them, I’ll keep answering them.

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  • Hey Peter,

    Great to hear your voice :-) Although, the thing about webcam-replies is that they may be quicker for you to make, but they are slower for us to “read” :-) They are also not searchable by search engines etc. (at least until voice recognition gets much, much better).


  • Tim Hamilton

    Hi Peter
    long time no speak. You’ve probably covered this many on your site before but my question would be “why are conservative churches so keen to speak out on the issue of homosexuailty and yet when it comes time to offer help in the form of say a Living Waters or RL group (which of course would include other forms of brokeness) they get all nervous and back off. This is a generalisation of course but you get my drift.

    feel free to edit/adapt as you see fit.