INTP (Apparently)

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  • Me to bro. Maybee that’s why I enjoy your blog so much. INTP together:-)

  • Carolyn

    That’s interesting, Peter – I think Myers-Briggs is fascinating.

    I always come out INFP…see the difference that the ‘T/F’ distinction can make (although to be honest, I come out less strongly ‘F’ than any of the other scales).

    It does make you think, though…I suspect that many of the positions we take on theological issues reflect the position we are most comfortable with – which will depend on things like personality type, etc.

    So – what makes us (all!) think that God happens to agree with the view that fits most easily with our own particular personality?

    Something to think about…

  • Philip Cole

    …. And I came out ENFP, the same as when I last took a Myers-Briggs over 10 years ago. Thansk for posting this Peter.