Tips for Blair

Dan Finkelstein has this wonderful list of advice for Tony:

    1. You will be tempted to call for unity. Calls for unity never work.
    2. You are quite right, you are surrounded by nutters. But the funny thing about nutters is that they don’t appreciate being called mad. Don’t bother, therefore, attacking your internal opponents.
    3. You were quite wrong. Things can’t only get better.
    4. Every cunning plan you dream up for diverting the news agenda will fail. Don’t think that getting Margaret Beckett to make a speech on CAP reform will move your splits down the news.
    5. There is nothing you can do. Nothing. And therefore the best thing you can do is…..
    6. Nothing. The only card the Prime Minister still has is incumbency. He should keep his head down, keep his mouth shut, and keep going. This will fail to work, but do so less spectacularly than anything else. Oh and…..
    7. Don’t write anything down.

I just wanted to add one thing to that Dan. Given that, underneath it, we’re all pretty fond of Blair, get your Diana Ross CDs out and join with me in these final words of advice…

“Stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart”

Think it over OK Tony?

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