Off on Retreat…

That’s it from me till Sunday – off on my priesting retreat. Rehearsal in the Abbey then on to the ultra-secret location that isn’t!!! Actually, I think I could even possibly give an award to anybody who manages to send me something between Friday and Sunday morning. That would be a minor achievement.
Of course, if anything significant happens, I have my trusty MDA-Pro with me, so any bursts of inspiration from yours truly may yet find themselves onto your desktop…

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Not sure if you still remember me. I was in All Nations Christian College and joined the TfT online support group in 2002 (not anymore). I’m back in Hong Kong and pastoring a church here. We might have met briefly at the TfT conference some years ago.
    I didn’t click into your web-site for a long time. Last week, I came to your site again and found that you’ve been married. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Are you still living in Ware? That’s a nice place to be.

    Just came in to say hi.

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