Can’t make a monkey out of me?

Question – If you were an African Archbishop or even a Primate (geddit?), let’s say “Peter Akinola” or “Bernard Malango”, and somebody compared you to the above picture, would you be:

  1. Slightly offended
  2. Quite offended
  3. Amazingly and outrageously offended, considering that the above photo was posted by a so called “inclusive liberal”

Answers on a postcard to:

Susan Russell
Department of “I wasn’t intending to be racist in the slightest”
Integrity USA

1 Comment on “Can’t make a monkey out of me?

  1. Totally agree with the point you’re making here Peter. If someone was poking fun at a liberal, they’d be castigated and shouted at ferociously.

    The thing about your posting that made me laugh was the fact that, upon clicking the link to Integrity USA, TrendMicro PC-cillin refuses to open the page and presents the following by way of explanation:

    Type: Sex


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