Mr Griffin silenced?

Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP (don’t get me started) has taken down his blog for the duration of his current trial. So nothing to amuse me anymore in my daily reading of all things political and bloggish.

However, I want to know why. Is it because Blogger got a bit antsy about hosting it or is there some deeper meaning? Has he been “got at”? Have his lawyers told him that publicly reporting everything that goes on in a court is not always very clever and sometimes downright illegal? Is it that making statements like “Actually we’ve found that they’re [the court staff] pretty much all on our side” is not big and not clever and potentially libellous? Is stuff like “He did try to rough young Mark up this morning and I’m looking forward to repaying him in kind” not a clever thing to post on an internet site? And most importantly, has he forgotten that some of us have nice RSS readers that download the entire content of a post and have it recorded for posterity?

Do please tell Mr Griffin.

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