Be still and know that I am “Om”

If you thought the post below was bad enough, St Hilda’s church in New Westminster (you know, Michael Ingham, Same-sex Blessings, ruthless canon law attacks on orthodox churches; yeah, THAT diocese) is running a series of orthodox (not) evenings of spirituality including the following gems:

    • David Hickey’s Crystal Bowl toning concert – “This event features various mystical “escapes” though sound and vibration with the healing tones of quartz crystal bowls”
    • Mind Over Matrix Seminar – “based on the realization that a quantum leap in consciousness can only be achieved by re-programming our subconscious inner dialogue”
    • Labyrinth Ascendingincorporates elements of whole brain theory and Hemi-Sync principles developed at the Munroe Institute in Virginia. The performance will include local musicians and will begin at the Sechelt Band Totem Poles at Trail Bay”
    • Dances of Universal Peace – The group joins in chants and songs based on sacred phrases and teachings of world spiritual traditions, with simple movements done in a circle. Each dance and phrase is fully taught each and every time. The goal is to rise above “the distinctions and differences which divide” – and to honor the Unity and the common source of all inspiration and life.”
    • Dec. 13th – “representatives from a number of spiritual traditions will again be invited to come together in gratitude for the gift of Light in its many manifestations. An evening of honouring and hope spanning the spectrum of belief and practice to create a gathering of unity and peace.

Apparently there are no seminars on Jesus, the Trinity, any form of classical catholic spirituality or even how to make a Christingle. And apparently in the prayers there won’t be a hint of Kyrie Eleison. Shame…

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