How to be: EMO

My friend’s ten year old son has a hair-style that is increasingly becoming a detriment to his ability to exercise any visual cognition – to put it bluntly, he is approaching looking like he is EMO. Or at least that’s what one of the older kids in church told him, but our innocent ten year old has no idea what EMO actually is. Now, I could sit him down and try to explain the deep tortured and twist place that is the location of EMO, but I think this video does the job SO much better.

Except we couldn’t possibly let him watch it as it has a few rude words in it which of course I do not approve of in the slightest. Naughty stuff aside, this is the definitive guide to what EMO is (and isn’t). You have been warned. Enjoy!!!!

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  1. My 11 year old nephew sports the same shaggy hair, and his mother, my sister, protested continuously, that was until my nephew’s teacher made stink about it. My sister, offended that the teacher would stick her nose into my nephew’s hair (and question my sister’s mothering skills), fought so intensely for her son’s right to wear his hair long and unkempt that now he is forbidden to cut it for fear that the teacher might claim victory.

  2. Peterson reads my blog.

    Peterson comments on my blog!

    I can stop blogging now for I have truly made it!!!! :-)

    Thanks for dropping by Peterson. Good to have you here.

  3. After four minutes, the questioning voice in my head became unbearable:

    “why am I watching this? do I not realise that it’s 21 minutes long? who, apart from a clergyman, a civil servant, an unemployed person or a OAP would have time to sit and watch this? etc, etc”

    I don’t need this EMO stuff. I’m down wi da yoof. I listen to Rachmaninoff.

  4. Wow, WTF? Weezer, Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab, Phantom Planet? Are they going to name drop every radio-friendly indie/alt band that went mainstream in the past 15 years or are they going to tell us about emo? Whoever made this video doesn't know sh-t about emo music. It's obvious that a bunch of douche bag college students made this after they spent 15 minutes on google doing "research" so they could act like they knew what the hell they're talking about. Lame.

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