It’s getting to that time of the year, so for those on the RSS feed, checkout the slightly changed look to the blog. Keep coming back, ‘cos we ain’t even started on the candles yet.

3 Comments on “Seasonal

  1. Dear Curate of Cyberspace,

    The new look is good fun, but as part of your RSS-fed flock can I urge you to go further and to change to full-text feeds please? For some reason it takes an age to open entries on your blog site itself (the menu on the left is fast, and my internet connection is sufficiently swift), and then if there’s a further link to get down to the “real content” it takes even longer… by which time I might have had an attack of concience and decided to to some actual work instead of blog-surfing!

    There’s quite a debate on other blogs re full-vs-partial feeds:


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