Gay Mass in 30 minutes time!!

Yes, the BBC in another brilliant move of not doing anything deliberately controversial in their religious broadcasting, is about to broadcast a Sunday Morning Service from a Roman Catholic church in SF that is massively pro-gay. Ruth has more:

As we report today, the BBC’s Sunday Service on Radio 4 tomorrow morning will be a “gay Mass” from San Francisco as part of Radio 4’s Sunday Worship programme. Anglican Mainstream is among those to condemn the broadcast, describing it as a broadcast that “will knowingly cause offence to the overwhelming majority of Christians.” San Francisco is home to the renowned Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, two of whom are pictured here.

The service was first reported by Si Caldwell in the Mail, who described how Bible readings and prayers will explore what it means to be gay in the context of Christianity. Father Donal Godfrey will lead the act of worship from the Catholic Church of Most Holy Redeemer in the Castro district of San Francisco.The church has been described as an “inspiration” to gay and lesbian Christians.

The preacher will be Father James Alison, a British theologician, who has had several books published by Darton, Longman & Todd.

I know what a theologian is, but what’s a theologician? Someone who makes things appear by magic in Scripture even though they’re not really there?

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  1. Since the BBC’s stated aim is to “explore” the “subject of being gay and Christian”, no doubt they’ll be following it up with a broadcast from a church which holds the traditional/biblical line on homosexuality, complete with testimonies from ex-/post-gay Christians along with those who may still self-identify as gay but who are seeking to live celibately.

    After all, they are just exploring different experiences and meanings, not pushing an agenda for one side of the debate, aren’t they?

  2. Hello Peter and John,

    out of interest, did either of you listen to the service (which wasn’t actually a Mass) or have you read the transcript (available from the Radio 4 Sunday Worship page)? If so, what did you think?

    in friendship, Blair

  3. Well, it wasn’t a Mass for starters – not a hint of any bread or wine.

    To be frank, it was the usual sloppy exegesis (eisegesis really) coupled with some nice touchy, feely, “why can’t we all just get along” hymns. It’s still online at the BBC Radio 4 website if you want to have a listen.

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