Dancing in front of the Covenant

Raspberry Rabbit has decided to pour a small amount of scorn on the worshippers in this video. Take a look and then have a little think with me further down the page…

Here’s RR’s comments and those of some others:

It’s terribly important that where there is to be a community meal or some other social occasion where a glass of wine (or two) might be served that it take place ‘after’ the communion service and not before. The Social Convenor in my congregation is asked to please take note.

I’ve seen a lot of Gospel processions. A lot of them with music. None of them ever looked like this… It would seem a certain sense of decorum and reverence is, well, lacking…

Can you just imagine the response when he actually reads the Gospel!!!

Ummmm yeah. That’s one way of looking at it. Or could it be that RR and the other commenters have never been to a charismatic catholic church? Perhaps their idea of rousing worship is a verse or two of “Hallelujah, Sing to Jesus” with any hint of exultation quickly stamped out once the final chord vanishes, to be replaced by an attitude of “proper decorum”. Heck, that was the Anglicanism of my childhood. No wonder I stopped going to church when I went to University.

The idea of actually showing joy in response to the revelation of God’s word is a concept that motivates millions of Christians to be a teensy bit silly when getting together to worship God and share his Gospel. One wonders whether RR would like to excise out of the Bible those bits that also show a lack of decorum? 2 Samuel 6:12-15 perhaps?

Bottom line – why should we Evangelical Charismatics have all the fun? Some Catholics are seriously in love with Jesus and need to let him know as well. And God loves it when we worship and get delirious about him. It makes his day. And ours.

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  1. This is the way Jews treat the Torah. St. John Chrysostom thus probably would knock this procession on two counts. But the congregation seems to be joyful, so who am I to say more?

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