Bank Holiday Weekend

You don’t get these in the colonies do you? In Britain, the Monday after the 1st of May (or the 1st of May if it falls on a Monday) is a public holiday.  That means that we all get a long weekend, Friday evening to Monday.

We spent yesterday at Knebworth House, which happened to have a Country Fair on. Now these days Country fairs are just a commercial exercise, but there were still plenty of things to see. Some of it is geared towards rural folk and some of it is obviously urban plebeian. I mean, I’m quite happy to watch a bit of sheep-herding, but duck-herding? Please….

And why is food SO expensive at these things (and in the Knebworth Restaurant for that matter)? People selling pies and pasties for ridiculous prices. And what’s more, when you went from food stall to food stall you noticed that most of the prices were the same – me thinks there’s some price-fixing go on at these things.

Regardless, we came back home with some pleasant cheese, cider and fudge. That’ll keep us going next Saturday evening as we endure / enjoy Eurovision.

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