John Sweeney ain’t mad, he’s actually very clever…

You’ve seen this video now right?

Now, the media spin here in the UK is that John lost it. But over at XenuTV they understand exactly what John was doing:

That clip has seen the light of day, and it is brilliant. Sweeney is playing with the Scientologists and using their own drills to be “at cause” over them. His pause in the middle of the rant is a clear indication he is playing around.

Compare Sweeney’s “rant” to the demonstration of this training drill by Vaughn Young on a British TV show from 90’s called Network First. He is at cause over an ashtray.

If you’d like to see the TR used in action, there’s no better clip than the assault of Bob Minton. Boston Scientologist Frank Offman has his hands in his pockets, screaming at Bob Minton, trying to get a reaction from Bob.

You need to go to the link above to see the videos they cite. Needless to say, I think this is actually Sweeney doing something very, very clever. Even his “apology” yesterday leaves room for him to expose this technique tonight.

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