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  1. It was very good music for driving up from Dover to Cheshire – almost drowned out the car engine noise! I’ve heard it live once and my ears suffered for quite some time afterwards…
    Yes I was right in my surmise as to what would happen if you created a favicon – time for a firefox bug report methinks…

  2. Well my wife and I started going out while listening to a recording of Shostakovich 7. Unfortunately it rarely works in the car due to the vast differences in dynamics, especially in the repeated crescendo in the first movement.

    If you’ve enjoyed 7 try 10 for searing emotions.

    John Foxe thinks that there is something about struggling ina tyrannical world that creates meaningful art. There’s little to struggle against in a consumer-product saturated world. Perhaps that’s why great art is rare in our day.

    Pale parallels there with the struggle to the death against religious tyranny for the sake of the gospel in my book, and the tough challenge to holiness when life is very easy.

  3. Went to see number 10 at the Proms only last year!! Had great fun sitting on the next to last row and being “hushed” by a lady sat behind us, who was dolled up to the nines. I felt like saying, “It’s not the Vienna New Year’s Concert y’know”. And why were they dressed to the nines in the cheap seats?

    Proms = The People’s Concerts

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