Want some silliness about Jesus for a Friday?

Sure you do. Here’s some “wisdom” from MyOutSpirit:

Jesus Christ was human, so he must have had sexual feelings,

It’s an excellent start, promising an article exploring the consequences of the doctrine of the Hypostatic Union. Does the Bible have anything to say that might help us understand this aspect of Jesus’ maleness?

Excited? Ready for some deep theological insight? Let’s read the rest of the sentence…

but maybe he was so enlightened that his attractions were not limited to a single gender.

Say what?

The bisexuality of Jesus is a new subject being explored by a variety of artists and authors. For example, I wrote about it in my novel, Jesus in Love, and photographer Peter Grahame explores it in his photo montage Saying Goodbye to John and Mary.

Did I miss that in my Scriptures? Quickly, someone give me the references in the Gospels. I don’t care if they’re Synoptic or Johanine, this is cool stuff. This photo montage is obviously depicting a scene I must have skipped over in Sunday School. I should preach on it on Sunday…

Grahame lets viewers figure out his symbolism for themselves, but he did offer this reflection on his bisexual Jesus image: “In the back Jesus ascends to ever-new adventures in the cosmos, leaving his legacy behind… as each and every one of us will also do… what will our spiritual legacy be? It’s up to each of us.”

Ever new adventures? When’s the comic coming out? Will it be in the fantasy or sci-fi section? Is there a TV spin-off? A movie franchise? “Flash Gordon and the Son of Joseph versus the alien green monster thingies”?

I guess it’ll be showing after the documentary where liberals complain that conservatives falsely allege that they don’t take the Bible seriously.

3 Comments on “Want some silliness about Jesus for a Friday?

  1. Um…That’s just bizarre. Not liberal, not conservative, just bizarre. “New adventures in the cosmos”? What the heck is that all about?

    I would suppose that Jesus experienced sexual feelings, and I don’t think the Biblical record provides sufficient evidence to prove him sexual, asexual, celibate, married, hetero- or homosexual. There are certainly interesting references pointing us toward the possibility of an alliance with Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany (if she is not, in fact, Magdalene), or some other woman (the woman caught in adultery or the prostitute with the perfume — again, assuming this was not any of the Mary’s).

    There is also a tantalizing suggestion of the possibility that Jesus’ relationship with John the Beloved was more than brotherly in nature.

    But there is insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove either of these scenarios, let alone both. Doesn’t mean we can’t speculate, though. The Gospels of Philip and Mary Magdalene certainly lend a certain amount of credibility to the “Married Jesus” suggestion.

  2. The problem with the the Gospels of Philip and MM is that they are written WAY after the time of Jesus. MM is 350 years after his death. That’s like me writing a gay love tryst involving Washington, Franklin and others and then claiming it was an 18th century document.

    I think the suggestion about John is in your imagination and nowhere else…

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