Go those Liberals…

Just to spice up your pre-Christmas, here’s the details of a conference in Oxford where you can hear the Revd Canon Prof Martyn Percy talk on “Why Liberal Churches are Growing”.

And to get you in the mood, here’s a wonderful example of all that’s good and heretical about modern day liberalism. While the video’s running, don’t forget to watch for that packed out church…

You can’t make this stuff up can you? As my mate Darryl wrote:

Glory be to the Cosmic Parent-Creator, Redemptrix Child-Sophia and Sustaining Life-giver. As it was before the emanation of the initial aeon-sparks of our proto-divinity, is now, as we find our god-self within, and ever shall become in the joyous fullness of annihilation of all self-consciousness into the divine encompassing Nothing. Amen.

Now come on, no way any of you lot have a more inclusive, tolerant, gender-neutral, affirming, energising, Trinitarian doxology than that. I take modalism to all new depths. Sabellius eat your heart out!

May the fragrant flowers of Goddess Sophia bloom within you,

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  1. My understanding is that in North America, mainline Protestant churches, which tend to be the most liberal, are in steep decline. It makes sense to me – liberal Christianity is but a John Spong step away from secular humanism. Why would a secular humanist need to go to church?

    Orthodox churches are the fastest growing, I understand.

    Is the situation not the same in the UK?

  2. Wow.

    So many Christians — not yet able to see or imagine anything else — will insist on living out of their brokenness, and have THAT be somehow “right” with God.

    I was one such. Although a worship leader, for years I refused to even sing a song with the word “Father” in it. After some very deep healing, redeeming and restoring work which Christ gently accomplished in me (although dramatic and frightening to me at the time), I know rest very gratefully in a relationship with my heavenly “Father,” — something which I could not even have conceived beforehand. It just wasn’t even in the realm of possibility, or so I felt.

    I bet that’s where much of this is coming from. People’s relationship with Father are broken, and rather than the church teaching and aiding in the restoration of the relationship, we decide perhaps we’ll just use another word.

    Or we’ll make homosexuality “ok” and then there will be nothing to be delivered from, right?


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