How Abortion obviously isn’t murder – NOT

Great stuff in the Daily Mail

David Cameron has made the bold and politically controversial decision to vote to lower the legal limit for abortions from 24 weeks to 20 weeks when the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill comes before the Commons in a few weeks. The reason he has stuck his neck out on such a contentious issue comes in the shape of a blonde whirlwind of a Conservative MP called Nadine Dorries, known as the "Bridget Jones of Westminster". Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire, is a ditsy-looking 50-year-old divorcee, with a passion for chocolate and Friday nights out with the girls. Yet she is also a tough former nurse who has led a formidable campaign to lower the time limit for abortions since she became an MP in 2005.

Despite her perky good humour, her views on abortion have made her enemies at Westminster. Colleagues have warned her "Don’t even touch it" and: "You are opening a can of worms." Those who particularly dislike her are the group of Labour women who received money from "Emily’s List" to get into politics. Emily’s List, headed by Barbara Follett – the Labour MP for Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, and wife of millionaire novelist Ken Follett – is a fund set up to encourage women to enter Parliament. The criterion for candidates getting the money is their declared support for abortion.

Just so we’re clear on this, to get onto Emily’s List you need to say you’re in favour of abortion. Then you get money to help your campaign. Got that? Great. Let’s continue

Dorries mischievously reported this "votes for sale" arrangement to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, who eventually rejected her complaint. "I think the Standards Commissioner threw it out because (Home Secretary) Jacqui Smith was one of the women on Emily’s List, and she was a Secretary of State – I think he was nobbled," Dorries says. Then, in December, she bumped into Caroline Flint, the Labour Housing Minister, in the Commons tea room. "She went mad," says Dorries, with a bemused look on her face. "She flew at me. Well, I was brought up on a council estate – you don’t fly at me or I’ll nut you."

Flint demanded an apology from Dorries for having reported her and the other women on Emily’s List. "I said: ‘Caroline, if you think that taking money to vote a particular way is something the Standards Commissioner should have thrown out then that is your opinion.’ "Caroline just dropped her sandwiches and flew out of the door. And I got a round of applause. Labour MPs came up to me and said: ‘You should have decked her.’ "They told me: ‘We call her the black widow. She would jump over anyone to get a job.’ The vitriol from Labour MPs towards Caroline was unbelievable."

Dorries is contemptuous of the clique of Labour women who oppose her move to lower the time limit for legal abortion. "They are not Labour women, they act like Labour men. They have no feeling. As far as they are concerned, it is all right to abort up to birth."

Appalled already? We haven’t even started…..

What gives Dorries moral authority on this particular subject is that she is a former nurse who assisted in abortions. She was 19 when she helped a doctor carry out abortions on a 24-week and even a 28-week foetus. "In one instance, a hormone was injected into the mother to put her into spontaneous abortion. It was meant to be a dead baby." What Dorries saw next shows just how quickly a baby can develop.

"The baby breathed. It was lying in a bedpan – it was a little boy and I saw him breathe. I said to the doctor: ‘I am going to get the crash team (emergency resuscitation medics).’ "And he got hold of my wrist, pulled me into a cubicle and said: ‘We are not on the labour ward. What are you doing?’ "He said that the only way I would be able to prove that the baby was alive was to drop him into a bucket of water and see if he floated! I ran out in tears.

I want you to understand this as you read this. This is what goes on in hospitals every day under the name of medicine. Children are born and then murdered and nobody bats an eyelid. Here was a baby needing urgent medical attention, and the medical and nursing staff ignored it and let it die.

And that is evil. And that is why we compare abortion to sacrificing children to Molech.

"Later, the ward sister jabbed her finger at me and said: ‘You should seriously think about whether you should be a nurse.’ "What got me was the total lack of regard for human life. I have no issue with abortion at the right time. But this is murder."

Want some more?

While she is campaigning for a 20-week limit now, Dorries would ideally like to see the limit reduced to the European level of 13 weeks. Recently, she watched an abortion at 19 weeks in a North London hospital. "A baby aborted at 19 weeks is given a lethal injection into the heart. It is the most scary and unbelievably horrible thing to experience. This is Death Row. The needle goes into the heart and then the baby is left for 48 hours. The foetal monitor is checked until the heart stops."

Deliberate murder. Nothing less, nothing more. How anybody can support this practice beats me.

It’s now time for us to stop the mass delusion that one’s opinion on abortion is simply a matter of personal conscience. I want to see the Conservative Party be the first major political party in this country to take a specific, manifestoed stance on the subject and call for the reduction of the time limit on abortion to at least 20 weeks if not lower.

It is a matter of basic moral decency and human rights, and any society that does not protect the rights of the weakest and most vulnerable is abhorent and ungodly. And that goes for any political party that won’t take a stance on the issue, let alone permit people to be paid for supporting the murder of children.

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  1. If the anti-abortion argument is right, and the foetus is just as much a human being as any of us, what difference does the time limit make? Isn’t that arbitrary, like saying it’s all right to murder five-year-olds but not nine-year-olds?

  2. Oh I agree absolutely. I would ban abortion for all instances except that where the life of the mother was in jeopardy. However, that’s not going to happen overnight so we should work for a gradual reduction in the limit.

  3. The only difference between a baby in the womb and a baby in your arms is one of location. Would abortionists be prepared to inject a lethal substance into the heart of a baby in its mother’s arms?

    I agree that the age of the foetus is irrelevant. The deliberate taking of human life is murder, at whatever age.

  4. Let me add something about the monstrous Caroline Flint, and those of her ilk. While she is in favour of granting special benefits to adults who want to sodomise and brutalise each other, and to teach such behaviour to (other people’s) innocent children, she deliberately supports legislation to wreak vengeance on the truly weak and vulnerable – the unborn and the elderly.

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