Nadine Dorries on the “Hand that Hoaxes”

For all those who think we’re being too emotional (that means you Dave R)

I’ve had an amazing response to the ‘Hand of Hope’ blog posted yesterday.

Of course, the pro-abortionist lobby have attempted to rubbish it and say it is a hoax, which it most definitely is not. Some of the pro-abortionists, who know that they can’t get away with calling it a hoax, are saying that the surgeon was operating on the hand, which didn’t reach out; and, that in fact the baby was anesthetised so reaching out would not have been possible.

Two points from me: first is that if the experienced paediatrician operating on the 21 week old baby had anesthetised, then that fact endorses the Professor Anand position that a foetus can feel pain; otherwise why would this doctor, who operates on unborn babies all the time, bother?

My second point is look at the tear in the uterus. See how jiggered it is just above the hand; and yet the rest of the surgically incised openings are controlled and neat.

This is, in all likelihood, because the hand unexpectedly thrust out. It would be a poor surgeon who allowed the uterine tear to be so messy, and this is no ‘poor’ surgeon.

He is a surgeon, however, who is reported as saying the movement of the hand was ‘controlled’, that he was operating on the hand and the baby was anesthetised.

Why would he say that? The pro-choice and pro-life lobbies in America are far more vociferous, and unfortunately violent, than they are in the UK; and one can only guess his reasons.

 He also knows that there is other compelling evidence. We have the slide show which states the facts from the photographer present in the theatre, Michael Clancy. 

And we have the pictures of, now a big boy, baby Samuel, who gave evidence to Senator Sam Brownback during the partial birth abortion debate in America.

Finally, don’t listen to me, don’t listen to the pro-abortionists. Trust your own eyes, believe what you see.

If you’re still not convinced, you really need to go to this website. Here the man who actually took the photographs in question tells you in no uncertain terms what actually happened that day.

In the article, May 2, 2000, by Robert Davis for USA Today titled, "Hand of a fetus touched the world." Dr. Bruner made these comments:

"It has become an urban legend," says Bruner, the Vanderbilt University surgeon who fixed the spina bifida lesion on Samuel. Many people he hears from wonder whether it’s a fake.

"One person said the photo had been reviewed by a team of medical experts and they had determined that it was a hoax," Bruner says with a laugh. More commonly, people want to know how the photo came to be.

Some opponents of abortion have claimed that the baby reached through the womb and grabbed the doctor’s hand. "Not true," Bruner says. "Samuel and his mother, Julie, were under anesthesia and could not move."

"The baby did not reach out," Bruner says. "The baby was anesthetized. The baby was not aware of what was going on."

Dr. Bruner’s statements have stripped any credibility this moment in history might have had.

The words…spoken by the nurse in the operating room, "They do that all the time, " haunt me. They were said to me twice during all this. Immediately after Samuel reached out, and a month after Dr. Bruner claimed to have posed the picture for me. In the hallway at The Tennessean Newspaper, I passed a dear friend and fellow photographer, Delores Delvin. Delores said, "Do you remember my friend the nurse, you met her at the surgery, she said, those children reach out all the time."

Please study the three frames that were taken in sequence in the slide show. These frames were taken at 1/60th of a sec. as fast as my Canon 1N motor drive could shoot. The motion blur in the third frame explains what is happening. Watch Dr. Bruner’s fingers, compare the first two frames to the third frame. The doctor’s fingers are blurred because he is shaking them up and down in the third frame. The motion blur on Samuel’s hand transfers to the upper part of his wrist as he grasps the doctor’s finger. The only
possibly way Samuel’s fingers are sharp, (in focus), are for Samuel to be winning in this exchange of human energy.

Notice in the third frame, the right side of the surgical opening. The edges are smooth. Now notice above Samuel’s hand. You can see the surgical edge was damaged as Samuel thrust his hand out.

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  1. And just look at the picture of that beautiful boy!! Better to be an emotional softie than a cold blooded killer is what I say!

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