1 in 120,000

Apparently, there are 120,000 new blogs created every day around the world (so says the New Scientist) – together with this paragraph, there are some 119,999 blogs having their first post published today!

I’m not a computer geek (!) and this is a relatively straightforward widgetised theme that makes compiling things very easy for a novice like me. So, forgive me if this is simple, but hopefully it will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest adventures from the Ould household!

Oh, and if you’re wondering on the blog title, it was just the most recent measurement of my waist..

1 Comment on “1 in 120,000

  1. Yo guys,
    Welcome to the blogosphere!
    Great to be able to keep in touch with you both. Glad you are both well.
    We shall add you to our links too!
    When are you guys due?

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