A glimpse of their face..

This is our Baruch. We were privileged to have a 4D scan (the fourth dimension is time, not hyperspace, in case you were confused..!) back in March when we were 29 weeks pregnant. It was just the most amazing experience! Baruch had their feet right by their eye (!) and even a wiggle from the gynaecologist on their bottom didn’t get them to shift their limb arrangement! But to see their face; oh! I’ve found it so amazing to be able to picture them in my minds eye!

We have our 36 week check-up today and Sallie, our midwife, will ask all the questions and pull out the measuring tape to make all the necessary assessments. She has a phrase that she uses regularly that we now characterise her by – after taking my blood pressure, measuring my uterus, documenting Baruch’s heartbeat, she responds with, ‘That’s good, isn’t it?’. It would be fine if the full stop appeared after, ‘That’s good.’ – unfortunately, we’re not qualified medical professionals and aren’t able to comment on whether the medical survey falls within the normal range or not!! Thankfully, normal to the physician apparently means more than average and healthy, and our Baruch has been ‘normal’ all the way through so far..!

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