The Apprentice – like having a child?!

Wow! Did you see her stripy tights as she walked out the boardroom? My yell from the bedroom made Peter wonder what was going on…!

Jenny was fired from The Apprentice last night, and about time too! Sir Alan saw through her lying and manipulative ways, and she was sent home in addition to the regular dismissal of one of the losing team members! I have to admit, the task wasn’t as exciting as previous weeks (bartering in Marrakesh for ten specific items) but it showed up Jenny’s underhanded tactics – even attempting to sabotage one of the other teams purchases by trying to bribe a local shopkeeper to delay their preparation of the bought article!

The field of business has a reputation of being composed of ruthless, ambitious, sometimes unethical individuals, but I was comforted last night that Sir Alan and his formidable team of Margaret Mountford and Nick Hewer were not blind to the crimes and were swift to affirm their disapprobation of the habits of lying and cheating by releasing the fiery-haired Jenny. Hats off to her, though, she has endured difficulties in her life (contracting meningitis a couple of years ago and being told she would never be able to live independently again) and has overcome them magnificently. If only she would apply the same tenacity to upholding decent values.

In her exit interview, Jenny likens the experience of The Apprentice to having a child… Now, I can’t comment yet, having experienced neither (!), but I would prefer Peter as my doula than Alan Sugar!!

I don’t know who will win The Apprentice, but in this neck of the woods we’ve been impressed by Raef Bjayou – who wouldn’t trust an estate agent, especially one who drinks cognac?!

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