Cranmer pleads on Abortion

Members of Parliament, in the name of Christ, take heed of such testimonies and stop this slaughter. If you have no time for religious opinion, then listen to scientific reason and the democratic majority, and call a halt to this evil infanticide.

Cranmer’s full piece is well worth a read this afternoon. His blog post also contains a picture of a late aborted feotus which is disturbing, but needs to be seen to understand that we are talking about nothing less than the murder of babies.

O, reason the need! Our unborn children
Are in the poorest thing superfluous.
Allow not nature more than nature needs,
Man’s life is cheap as beast’s.

With a slight adaptation to the words of King Lear, this is one of the principal issues upon which our elected representatives shall occupy themselves over the next few days; the others being animal/human hybrids, ‘saviour siblings’, and the necessity of a father, all conveniently packaged in the utterly monstrous and profoundly immoral Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

The media persists in persecuting ‘Catholics’ for their opposition to this Bill, with no mention at all of the Anglicans or those of other faiths, or those of no faith, or even of those 75 eminent scientists who have profound reservations about the Government’s motives and claims.

They might even consider the words of a current practising abortionist, Dr Vincent Argent, who is a consultant gynaecologist and a former acting medical director of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

Dr Argent is not remotely content with Nadine Dorries’ 20-week amendment. In The Daily Telegraph he argues for 16, yet even this is considerably more than other European nations, where the limits are:

France 12, Germany 12, Italy 12, Belgium 12, Bulgaria 12, Denmark 12, Czech Republic 12, Greece 12, Hungary 12, Luxembourg 12, the Netherlands 13, Poland 12, Slovakia 12 and Sweden, the most ‘liberal’, 18.

Yet the UK persists with child sacrifice up to 24 weeks.

Dr Argent was brought up a Roman Catholic, but says: ‘any religious beliefs I ever had have left me’. His opinion on late abortions is not formed by ‘religious bigotry’, but by ‘more than 30 years’ experience in abortion services for the NHS and private clinics’ during which time he saw what was involved, and the ‘flimsy grounds on which some women sought them’, and thereafter he ‘could not stomach the idea of providing such a "service".’

The doctor notes that people do not realise just how distressing late abortions can be: ‘The procedure remains the last taboo. While heart and brain surgery are regularly shown on television, the reality of a late abortion has never been seen on British screens’.

Cranmer shall offer his blog to any such distressing footage if anyone wishes to send it to him. And he shall change platform if blogspot decide to censor it. If any doctors or nurses have an example of an aborted baby gasping for air as it is left to die on the side of a sink, or of a baby being sliced and carved in the mother’s womb so that it may be extracted limb by limb, or of a ‘partial birth’ abortion in which the baby’s head is crushed before it can take its first breath, please email Cranmer at the address above.

And for all those MPs who read Cranmer every Monday (the day on which the server logs on around 50 times), before you cast your votes today please just take a few minutes to read this harrowing account from The Spectator’s Coffee House:

Every so often a letter arrives in a columnist’s mailbag that throws a hand grenade right into the middle of a long-held view. That happened to me last week following my article in which I urged caution before lowering the time limit on abortion from 24 to 20 weeks. The letter came from a Registered General Nurse who works on a gynaecological ward that regularly deals with late terminations. She apologised for the "unpleasant and upsetting aspects" of her letter but felt her points needed to be said. I agree, and felt it also warranted a wider audience.

Apparently, at 20 weeks, tablets can be given to kill the foetus prior to expulsion. But at 24 weeks it is sufficiently strong to survive the treatment and many are born with signs of life. "It is all too easy for people to picture a clump of cells or mush. People don’t want to picture perfectly-formed miniature babies and I don’t blame them, I was once the same," says Kay. "But having cut the umbilical cord on one who survived, then had to watch him gasp for breath for ten minutes on the side of a sink before he died, that sight will haunt me for ever."

The reason given for that particular termination was that the mother’s current boyfriend had a toddler son who might get jealous of a new baby. It took them 21 weeks to come to that conclusion. Kay adds: "I know of two nurses who went off work with stress as a result of their experience with late terminations. I suffered horrendous nightmares and guilt for months. The guilt comes from the fact that you as a nurse cut the umbilical cord and, as dramatic as it sounds, we felt like murderers."

Kay doesn’t believe in hounding or criminalising women who have to make this extremely tough decision owing to severe disability. Her misgivings are reserved solely for those who use termination as a form of contraception. Women who, up until last week, I hoped were few and far between. But, according to Kay, these terminations far outstrip those carried out because of fetal abnormality or genuine emotional distress. She says: "There are girls who come back five or six times demanding terminations and they get them. How can someone coming for their fifth termination be allowed to keep saying it is due to emotional distress? I should imagine in ten years’ time the emotional distress of being allowed to have five terminations is going to take its toll. What is going on?"

Members of Parliament, in the name of Christ, take heed of such testimonies and stop this slaughter. If you have no time for religious opinion, then listen to scientific reason and the democratic majority, and call a halt to this evil infanticide.

I continue to have no response to my open challenge on abortion from this weekend. It’s probably because so few people read this blog, but it could also be that those who do read it, and support a 24 week level, understand the indefensible immorality of their position.

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