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  1. I’ve had a difficult time listening to James White ever since his podcast after the gay marriage ruling in California, which I blogged about.  It’s sad, because for me whatever true things he says about Gene Robinson’s heresies (and they certainly are heresies), they are overshadowed by his past slanderous, over-the-top generalizations about gay men and women that go far beyond simply calling them “sinful.”  Since many of these people are my friends, despite our disagreements about sin, I’m not really able to bear hearing them called “selfish” or “loveless.” 

    I just get the impression that he’d be a bit of a bully if I met him in person.  I know that’s probably unfair of me, but I also think men in his position need to be aware of the impressions they give off.  If I’ve lost much of my respect for him after one podcast, me being someone who knows homosexual behavior is a sin, then I don’t want to think of what a person who’s still grappling with this subject would think, and that bothers me.

  2. Hi Jay,

    I’ve actually had this conversation with James White and I’ve also met him face to face as well. I agree with you that on the issue of stereotyping what a “gay lifestyle” is he is getting the picture wrong. I do think though that the points he makes in this particular audio clip are spot on.

  3. They are spot on, and he made many good points in the podcast that I blogged about as well.  But it’s possible to make those points without stereotyping.  That’s all I was trying to say.

  4. Aren’t there all sorts of bishops peddling “heresies” that get away with it, as long as they are straight? E.g. in scotland, the former Primus ++Richard Holloway (do bishops still get the +’s if they retire?) said lots of things that evangelicals would strongly object to (he wrote a book called Godless Morality!), but they seem to save their vitriol for gay clergy. 

  5. Oh Ryan, I agree with you completely, but then is your argument that we should do nothing about heresy or that we should also root out other heretics?

  6. My point is that there are all sorts of things that are justifed (or at least accepted) by evangelicals as being part of the living nature of anglicanism but they seem to make an exception when it comes to gays. The logical inference from this behaviour is that something that might as well be called homophobia is at work.  I agree completely that traditionalists should have a valued place in the Anglican Communion;  do you propose to kick out liberals?

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