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  1. Eh, I wouldn’t bet on it making it through a fact check in one piece.  For starters IIRC the original maverick was some guy in Texas whose last name was maverick, but more seriously the Palin segments aren’t entirely honest either.  For example on the Bridge to No where, Palin was strongly in favor before she became governor and only switched her position when the public outcry got bad enough that continuing would make Alaska look greedy (it helped that she also found out that Alaska would have been expected to make significant financial contributions to building the bridge).  On earmarks more generally, Palin has been anything but a reformer.  As the mayor of Wasilla she got the town into the earmark hunt, for example, and used the money that had been earmarked for the bridge to pay for other road maintenance and construction.  SImilarly, her opposition to big oil has been more of the “Give Alaska more of the wealth” kind of opposition rather than speaking in favor of the environment.  Even on ethics reform, which is probably her strongest suit, she’s currently under investigation for ethics violations herself.  They may be smaller violations than previous governors’ faults, but only being unethical when it benefits friends and family isn’t the sort of habits I want to see in my national government any more than I want it to be sold to the highest bidder.


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